Saturday, October 2, 2010

again n again

who knew what will happen next.i try to accept whats going on around here including what happen in myself to.hard.very hard to explain how does i feel exactly.this entry may quite similar than previous,but trust's much painfully and make me want to die or knockdown my head over and over until there no more left.

i always try and try to tell my self that there no way that the world gonna end because of that.easy to say but hard to be done. even though it's say only to myself,i always doubted what gonna happen if i follow or believe it.let it be??pftt..i hope so.for now,my tears were my best buddy no lasting ever i hope.but still need them to throw out what i feel,how pain it.let it go.

there is something,i still aim for.if anything that can kill me,i just wanna the truth.

*grammar error?abai kan.aku memang bebal.

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