Thursday, April 28, 2016


I'm pretty sure that i quite distrubing with that statement. Somehow,i just wanna hide it from everybody. Now it permenantly state there. Its always remind me how my feeling were on that time. Nothing can be decribe the depression or the sadness i been thru. Quite hard to came at this stage. Fighting on with my own emotion that this time were fine. I can feel it in my womb. Somehow,i feel that i dont deserve it because of last brutal experience.

When you are happy,its like you are not allowed to share with other because some of them been thru more brutal or groovy experience than me. So i decide to share with selected person who are really salient. Thank you for receive and approching my unstabilze emotion for this time.

Thank yoooooou!😢😢


  1. you will always got my shoulder to back you up. chill mommy :)