Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Living is hard enough without your f**king up.

Yes. I admitted that I get what asked and I need bear with it. But do you need to an asshole when the consequences turn around me?

Let me tell you something, sometimes in my life it doesn't flow softly like you. Not given any break for me to take any deep breath.  So, I like to pray so that at least I can catch some air to move on.  I’m not like the most of you that living in comfortable life. Whatever you doing it just to be responsible to your life and yet, what you get is all your. I not envy, but envious!

Why I am being so cranky and suddenly post about something that can hurt your feeling?

And this question also keeps playing in my mind. Why would you do this to me? Yes. I’m pointing at you!

Would you mind to be more supportive?

1.      1. Tu lah hang,nak sangat pergi.kan dah dapat.
2.     2.  Kan aku dah cakap,tak elok.padan muke ngn ko.nak sangat.

Seriously, this statement really made me hurt.

I’m not regret what I’m doing right now. I’m just whining.  I just want to let the burden go.  I’m not regretting. I’m not quitting. I am really glad Allah gave me this opportunity on this job and at some point I feel so bless.  I will do it again if Allah let me.

I’m not getting any feud with you.

Thank You.

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