Saturday, March 9, 2013

the gathering

here come the sun - yuna


Last two weeks,i been gathered with all my awesome's been 4 month since the last our met.some of them have impressing experience with their jobs,studying and life. but some of them which is only me doesn't have a good quality as suppose to have a such good time when we are 'juggling' together.but i don't know why some how i felt like i'm the one that throw back away.


i don't feel me
did i jealous? 
aren't you annoyed me?
#evil smile

but,for sure there some good point by this seeing each other face,gossiping until dawn,eating cracker at the bad,slept closer to each other.feeling that we have the time machine or 'pintu sesuka hati'  by doremon.keh2..

the most important,
how to cheat during interview.
1.confident hippocratic when in time.
3.find you strangeness and weakness

is not that i need to explain all of the point.i bet you all know asked him!!
 enough that.

just there some point that came out from our gathered.
is it okay for to show how many gred we get before then?it is possible to not broke other's when they read it?or did you just purposely just post it because you want them to know?is it including me?

but it's okay.because i can think clearly normal.yes.i'm mad with your posting.because,every time i saw or read it i always thought that you were pointed at me.and now i know that i just need to twisted up my mixed feeling into the positive way so that you still be my dearest friend.

my dearest friend,
there's only one thing i wanna tell you,
if you felt regret because helping me,trust me,
if only you mean it.

lets get back to our gathering session,shall we?

after slept for only couple hour,i cant sleep back.i just hanging around with eqa gendut and ain angry usually,we like to talk about personal like eqa gendut gonna married first.just wait and see.for ain angry bird,it's been far.she wants to take further studies first then gets wanna marry now!we talk about 3 hour then ain gotta go home.=(

for sure,i'm not forget you little bobong.congrates deserve it to get an excellent gred.
you know,i have little doubt on you because you are alone there. it's not like be surrounding by us. we like to copying and pasting something.haha!!so,that's why i really amazed with you.i made it girl!you just twist up my expectation.if i were at your place,i might die because of this attitude.
#next time i will treat you uncle bob!

for timah and pari.
you know guy,i really don't expect that i 'm gonna speak or hanging up with you guys.i too shame.we still have good time in the car.karoke with the worst voice.hahha.nice one timah timot.i didn't realize that i can sang romantic plus it's was malay song!hahaha..lupa daratan punya orang.i remembered when timah said that we sang like to hard.the song it sang by yusri kru-dekat padamu.its supposedly gentle and romantic.but,when take it,it's sound like desperate woman who want 'dekat padamu'.hahaha.serously.i didn't notice that.then we when to the one utama to take our breakfast-brunch-lunch-dinner at seoul garden.phew!so delightful!pari pari and hajar eating non stop.=)

next time we gonna do swim in the pool yaw!!

insyaAllah,we gonna hangout again.

next date?

#i'm still learning about grammar and assist me.not insult me.

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